Welcome to Lægehuset Kongevejen


Kongevejen 135 

2830  Virum 


Tlf: 45 87 82 77 


When consultating Lægehuset Kongevejen – please remember: 

  • Yellow card (also called SUNDHEDSKORT) 
  • If you are unable to come, please cancel your appointment the day before online OR call the clinic on telephone no. 45 87 82 77. 
  • We receive Cash, Dankort/Mastercard or Mobilepay. 

Guide to our website: 

On the website you can: 

  • Book/cancel appointments (not possible under COVID-19 pandemic)  
  • Renew prescriptions 
  • Write mails to doctors/nurses/staff. REMEMBER mails can not be used for emergencies. Answers can be under process for 3 days. 
  • Get more information about Brede Lægehus and partners. 

How to create a profile: 

  1. Go to 
  1. Click on icon ”e-kons login” 
  1. Click on ”Opret ny bruger” 
  1. Fill out all empty squares with your information 
  1. Wait for mail with access-code 

You are now ready to use the website 

You can also use the app “min læge” on smartphones  


Who are we:  

Lægehuset Kongevejen is a co-owned clinic, the 2 owners are: 

Grith Ingerslev 

Maiken Calberg 


One extra Doctor employee: 

Mads Okholm Krabek (from 01.09-2021) 


Two  Consultation nurses

Charlotte Bech Miller  

Ida-Marie Markou 


One Bianalytics: 

Hanne Stegemeyer 


One Med.secretary/Practicemanager

Maria Rolvung 


Telephone hours: 

Monday - Tuesday 08.00-12.30  -  13.00-14.00

Wednesday - Thursday  08.00-12.30  -  13.00-15.00 

Friday 08.00-12.30 


General opening hours: 

Monday 08.00-15.30 

Tuesday 08.00-15.30 

Wednesday 08.00-15.30 

Thursday 08.00-17.00 

Friday  08.00-15.30 


Telephone consultations by doctors: 

The doctors are by the phone every day from  08.00-09.00. 

This time is only for acute illnes or medical advice/questions.  

OBS: Not for renewal of prescriptions or booking of consultations. 

For acute illness after closing hours, we will refer you to another doctor in  Lyngby/Taarbæk kommune. After 1600 hours please always call 1813. 


Booking/prescription renewal: 

Please use the webpage or 

Call us every day between 09.00-12.30 and 13.00-15.00. 


Holidays and vacation: 

Lægehuset Kongevejen is in general closed on every national holiday and during the summervacation. We always refer you to another doctor in Lyngby/Taarbæk Kommune in the summer period. 

New patients: 

Please contact your previous doctor, for an electronical transferral of yours journal. 

Conditions for Disabled: 

Good access to lægehuset Kongevejen via a ramp at the frontdoor. The clinic is located in Ground floor.